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RODNEY RASCONA – Documentary Director

Rodney has produced documentary films across the globe, assisting clients from international NGOs to the United Nations Foundation, as a strategic creative partner in raising awareness to their initiatives. As a Director he's involved in all aspects of film making from concept to delivery – including production planning and budgeting, from pre to post production, shooting on location, directing the edit, sound design, voice talent to location logistics – a complete film production.

As a Director, Rodney has earned a reputation for creating dignified, poignant story accompanied by equally high aesthetic – supported by some of the best post production creatives in London in bringing stories from the developing world community to the 1st world. Predominately his work over the last two decades has been centered on social - documentary driven issues from women's health and education to climate ie.. drought – spending much of 20 years partnering with development organizations to raise awareness to some of the leading challenges of our time.

Rodney is available for contract with an emphasis on global assignments for – NGO/GOV/Development/Green organizations. Assignment enquiries can be made to

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