Assignment Photography

RODNEY RASCONA – Photographer

Within a three decade long pro-advertising career, Rodney has created poignant film and photography for the past 20 years across the globe in support of international groups working to find sustainable solutions to challenging issues. He's been tasked with creating strong story and equally strong aesthetic - trusted in covering some of the 21st century’s most pressing global issues to include [2004 Southeast Asia Tsunami, the 2010 Haitian earthquake, the Somali/Kenya exodus, Ethiopian Famine, HIV/AIDS in East Africa, Kenya’s Ongoing Drought, Post-Genocide Rwanda, Women's Rights in Congo, Philippines typhoon Haiyan, Global Women's Health, Gender Equality to STEM/STEAM educational initiatives], consistently delivering frame-by-frame impact for clients from NGOs to the United Nations Foundation on international development, relief and advertising productions.

Rodney's assignments have stretched from Latin America to East Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent to Indochina with multiple projects throughout all regions,from the jungles of Cambodia to the arid desert lands of northern Kenya – remote locations along tributaries of the Amazon, Europe and to conflict zones in Congo. Rodney enjoys dual disciplines as an award winning, recognized Photographer and Documentary film Director, working with known brands within the corporate marketing and communications sectors, both agency driven and client direct. Rodney has earned the trust of both client and creative, maintaining production relationships across the globe, providing a strategic resource to creatives seeking modern solutions to difficult communication problems.

Rodney is available for contract with an emphasis on global assignments for NGO/GOV/Development/Green organizations. Assignment enquiries can be made to


Photography plays an important role in our global society more than ever before. When news journalists seek truth amidst the hardest of realities – organizations wanting to raise awareness to global issues, or when we simply want to dream of worlds far away, we look to creative experiences like photography to transport us. Equally during these Covid-19 days, NGOs, Government and industry need expert level image makers, those with mature experience, to safely roam the planet in support of global information and messaging. Rodney is one of these experts with a unique mix of development and relief experience that's framed within a long running advertising career, in partnership with creative production professionals worldwide, with the cultural experience, technical ability and the creative vision to help bring your project to life.

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