INDIESTOCK is a small library wth big images. A new library site – where every day we're selecting images to feature, captioning and keywording and in general – learning. So if you need a bit of help navigating INDIESTOCK, or simply need support to questions we've not answered – we speak the same language and are here to help.

A few answers to a few questions.

Q: Who created the images on INDIESTOCK

All of the photographs, exclusive to INDIESTOCK, have been created by Rodney Rascona

Q: Are there additional images available that are not online yet?

Yes. We're soft launching with 1,000 images however there are 10's of thousands of images yet to load!

Q: Will motion or video footage be available for license?

Yes. It will be loaded at a later date but if there's something you need, send us an email to info@indiestock.co.uk

Q: Will you be offering Royalty Free stock as well?

At this stage Royalty Free stock is not available. Rights Managed helps our clients maintain control over images being used, possibly by a competitor, as well as ensuring that INDIESTOCK's image quality created by Rodney Rascona, is valued and maintained. Royalty Free is great for many uses and for varying kinds of photographs however all of our images will be licensed.

Q: Can I get a license for short term use - like for a month for my blog?

All images at the very minimum recieve a Non-Exclusive One-Time license – used for a Blog or for Editorial use.

Q: Who owns the photographs on INDIESTOCK?

All of the photographs have been created by Rodney Rascona – he remains the original AUTHOR and owner.

Q: Are any images available on other stock sites?

INDIESTOCK is the exclusive agent for Rodney Rascona's work.

Q: Is there a newsletter I can sign up to?

Look in the bottom left corner of the Footer on the home page – you'll find a sign up button there.

Q: Is the principal photographer available for contract?

Yes Rodney is available for assignment. If you need information please send an email note to info@indiestock.co.uk. Rodney or his agent will respond directly.

Q: Do you produce documentary films?

Yes Rodney is an award winning docummentary film Director. Please send an email to info@indiestock.co.uk about your film needs and Rodney or his agent will respond directly.

Q: Can I use photographs for comping purposes and is there a fee?

When you search for the images you need, select one and you will be taken to the preview page. Under the image you will find a button "comp image" that enables you to download the image to help you with your design. There is no fee for this capability. If you need further assistance just send us an email to info@indiestock.co.uk.

Q: Can I edit or alter the image I license?

No image may be altered from its original composition or colouring. If you need a different crop or help altering the colour balance, please contact INDIESTOCK before you attempt to alter the image after purchasing. This is strictly forbidden to alter any image from our library.

Q: With an Exclusive license and the fees for this – do I get to own the image?

Ownership remains with the AUTHOR of the image, Rodney Rascona from INDIESTOCK. The payment of licensing fees does not constitute a transfer of ownership. Both copyright and ownership remain with the photographer Rodney Rascona and INDIESTOCK as the exclusive agent of his work.

If we can help you with any aspect of your experience on INDIESTOCK, we remain available to you and will assist you to the best of our ability. Site navigation, admin questions or trying to find an image you have yet to find – we're here to help.