INDIESTOCK – A Rights Managed Collection.

Rights Managed (RM) or Royalty Free (RF) Licenses

All of the Content – to include photographs, video, story on INDIESTOCK, will require a license for reproduction that will be based on traditional values. Those values would include, but not limited to, the geographic territory (Europe/North America/EMA/Asia/Global-local/regional) you need the image to appear, length of time (Month/Months/Quarter/Year) of reproduction, format or platform (Digital/Print) of reproduction, and the degree of exclusivity (One-Time Non Exclusive or Exclusive) that your project/client needs.

Editorial or Commercial Use

All of the Content on INDIESTOCK is offered for Editorial use. Select images are available for Commercial use and are identified as such on the preview page.


If an image works for you, please ensure that when you make payment that the supplied reproduction license provides you with the rights desired to cover your project. The license, provided once payment has been made, will protect your use, protect the image and protect your client. Without additional licensing requested, at the minimum in all sales, a baseline Non-Exclusive One Time license will be provided. In practical terms this means one use, one time, one territory for one communication platform or vehicle. By example you may use the image for a single editorial, for one insert online, for one country. However you would not be able to use the image in any additional digital or print, commercial or editorial use, beyond the originally specified license without a revised negotiation of fees to provide the proper license.

Third Party Use

The license to reproduce an image provides specific, yet limited rights, for a single user/agency/individual/corporation, and one user only. The license is granted to the name/agency/organization identified on the agreement, and is not to be shared for additional use without authority from INDIESTOCK, to any 3rd party, nor communally within a company, unless you've secured additional rights from INDIESTOCK to do so. Help us to understand your MARCOMM objectives and we can create a license to suit your communication needs.


Please refer to the Terms + Conditions page, located below in the Footer, for specific information regarding these additional terms.